A crossover spirit marks Replay’s path to the future, reaching from archives across ultra dynamic today to trace the landscapes of tomorrow, intersecting both brand heritage and contemporary life to inspire a fresh edgy vision. Celebrating 35 fab years on the fashion scene.

Clear sense of contrast, unpredictability and thinking outside the box call the shots for the Fall/Winter 2016-17 Replay Footwear collection. Iconic styles from brand archives intersect and rethink the latest trends in hot pursuit of some original future very much to invent. Biker moods and boho influences infiltrate sportswear, the art world, Swinging London, pop accents, hi-tech innovations and fine artisanal details. So giving fresh definition to function and form, content and styling, materials and working techniques.

Biker and tread sole boots line up alongside sneaks of all types, desert boots, laceups, heels, slip-ons, Ugg and Chelsea boot styles, while materials too – from leather (treated or non) and suede all the way to canvas, Lycra, microfiber and rubber – go the versatility route. Guys opt for a palette strong on black, dark brown and avion with sky blue, white and orange highlights; women prefer black, multiple shades of brown (from beige to blackish), burgundy and metallic hues. As for particulars, it’s a matter of elastic inserts, track and tread soles, inner socks, zips, chains, studs, patches, buckles, grommets, gaiters, glitter, fringe, lace, gold drip effects, black diamonds, patchwork patterns and animal prints.

The men’s collection makes the most of a biker look, then shifts in the direction of a sport/athleisure dynamic with hints of a cooler new relaxed elegance. Black leather plays a key role, expressly for heavy-duty tread sole shoes; also for laceups, sneaks and boots, first and foremost a slim, snug Chelsea with ankle button and stretch side insert, as in Swinging London meets biker m











 Easy comfy suede comprises another of the season’s themes, setting the tone for new takes on Chelsea and desert boots, laceups and sneakers. In the latter case it teams up with leather to create the smoothest of sport shoes: mid cut, ergonomic heel counter, tech lacing, running sole. Athleisure mode. Suede is the way to go also for the mid cut sneak with royal blue Lycra inner sock and for a desert boot in the smartest of athleisure styles.

On the preppie front a high cut sneaker with rubber toecap and sole tells the story. It’s a classic where copper color side zip and metal clasp closure clearly add to the appeal.

Meanwhile another iconic casual shoe finds new life thanks to a powdery avion blue fabric for both upper and outsole, offset by electric blue laces.

A different type of color contrast marks the mid cut sneaker with soft leather upper, for it features bright red laces and a white rubber sole.

Leather running shoes make a similar statement, playing with textile inserts, heel counter reinforcements, flashy blue laces. To underscore the irresistible mix of colors, materials and styles cutting across the collection.

Women reveal a strong, vibrant character, on the one hand having fun with biker, Pop Art, Swinging London and sport influences, on the other expressing a femininity possibly bolder and richer than ever. Emblem of this come-on-strong type of allure is the wide heel ankle boot in a selection of three materials (leather, patchwork rawhide, fabric) with zip, chain or buckle detailing. All variants are assertive, sexy, particularly the one with metal grommet studded bootleg. An ultrahigh heel returns also to the ornate pump with precious glitter designs, black diamonds or gold drip effects à la Jackson Pollock. Another winner is the chunky tread sole shoe. A major highlight among the many options is the black leather one with side zip, fringe, triple buckle closure plus heel counter reinforcement. Biker rally mode.

woman-2    woman_01

But the real focus is on the three with artisanal detailing: first, a fresh colorful model with pop patches, metallic studs and zips; secondly, a bolder take with ankle strap, double buckle, gaiter with inserts; and lastly an edgy-chic version with floral lace trim in burgundy red.

Then at the opposite end of the spectrum there’s the most relaxed of models, snow boot style in suede with faux fur lining and thick tread sole. It too presents exclusive hand workmanship, as in pop patch and stud decors, otherwise buckles, gaiter with inserts and strap.

So this season two big classics – the chunky tread sole shoe and the winter snow boot – get an exciting update where expert craftsmanship makes all the difference.

Products in the boot category also include a leather mid biker with side button closure and snakeskin print heel counter. Here a special feature is the ornamental zip traversing the boot from back to ankle.

Swinging London, rather, is the inspiration for the fitted leather Chelsea boot with contrast stretch insert and metallic glint vamp.

Capping the collection is one of the most original fusion ideas. It’s the super shapely high cut sneaker with quilted nylon upper, rubber toecap and distinctive elastic bands.