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Fashion Box SpA group of companies was founded in 1981 and today is one of the leading companies internationally, in the field of denim and smart casual clothing. Based in Asolo town in Treviso, Italy, a region that is famous worldwide for its creativity, the company manufactures, markets and distributes men’s, women’s and children’s casual clothing, accessories and footwear. The Group’s products are marketed under the names REPLAY, REPLAY&SONS, WE ARE REPLAY and REPLAY FOOTWEAR, while supplementary products such as sunglasses and fragrance lines under the Replay brand are available from authorized partners.


The main aim of the company has been and still remains, for more than 30 years, to create products that stand out for their innovative style, their characteristic Italian design and superior quality. Denim, to the manufacture of which the company is specialized, having almost become its synonym, consists an additional element of uniqueness and superiority of the brand.


Experience and high expertise, in combination with extensive research for even more sophisticated techniques, is the intrinsic value of the Group’s products, which, as natural, significatly invests in stylistic and technological research of materials.


Indeed, throughout its course, the Group invests with great dedication to the fields of research and creative design, constantly incorporating new technologies into the production processes. The Group’s people closely monitor every stage of the production process –from the designing of the collections to the selection and processing methods of raw materials– while a network of specialized laboratories undertake the sewing and final finishing of the garments.


The Group’s headquarters –an American industrial building of the 20th century covering an area of 25.000 m2 at the foot of the hills of Asolo city–  hosts the departments of styling, modelling and industrialisation, of all products and brands. The factory in Asolo, is the nerve center of the whole system, where research and creative development are triving. There, the entire production process is planned and monitored, from the initial sketches to the first original and the readymade garments. Therein also lies the integrated logistics platform, whereby data from various sectors of production (approximately EUR 6 million per year) are obtained, checked, sorted and shipped. But above all, there is the place where the vision of REPLAY takes shape, blending the old with the new, the past with the future, tradition with technology. Not only people working there, but all of the Group’s partners in various countries of the world, are aware of the responsibility arising from the great legacy left by its founder, Claudio Buziol. The creation of a robust international network, with its heart always beating in an Italian territory, is one of the most significant strategic elements, for the development of Fashion Box.


Today, Fashion Box products are found in all European markets, the Middle East, Asia, America and Africa, in more than 50 countries. The wholesale network has 5,000 sales outlets, approximately 220 mono-brand stores and more than 190 corners and shops-in-shop. All outlets stand out for their innovative design and express the authenticity of Replay products, in a striking and original environment.

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Fashion Box Greece, a subsidiary of Fashion Box Group, was founded in 1995, in order to promote and distribute REPLAY products in Greece.


With over thirty years of successful presence in the field of ​​Greek casual clothing, Fashion Box Greece has managed to establish itself even outside Greek borders, in Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. The company’s distribution network includes 33 sale outlets, as well as partnerships with authorized dealers. Activating in the import, export and promotion of clothing, footwear and related accessories under the brands: Replay, Replay & Sons, We Are Replay and Replay Footwear, Fashion Box Greece has a presence both in retail and wholesale, ensuring in this way the broad distribution of the respective products to the selected markets.


The high quality of products and the awareness of the REPLAY brand, the broad and effective distribution network which has been developed, as well as the customers’ loyalty that Fashion Box Greece has deservedly gained, are the foundations upon which the continuous progress of the company is based.


The main goal and ambition of Fashion Box Greece, remains the strengthening of its value in the market of juvenile branded casual clothing, as well as a healthy business growth, both within and outside Greek borders, always in consistence with the company’s fundamental values and principles.


Towards this direction, in a modern entrepreneurial spirit and taking advantage of the superior quality and reputation of the represented brand names, its loyal customer base, as well as the wide distribution network of REPLAY products in Greece and the Balkans, Fashion Box Greece is steadily moving to the future, based on its development plan.


At the same time, the company systematically monitors the highly volatile international developments in order to secure its so far development and also to promptly identify potential business opportunities. Being aware of the difficulties but also working in an optimistic spirit, the company plans in a very careful way its next steps for the benefit of its partners and staff. Besides, for Fashion Box Greece, future has always been a greatly charming challenge.




The subsidiaries in which Fashion Box Greece participates, are the following:



F.B.C. Fashion Box Cyprus Ltd ex “G.CHR. FASHION BOX CYPRUS LIMITED” was established as a limited liability company on October 26th, 2000, in accordance with the Companies Act of the Republic of Cyprus. Its headquarters are in Nicosia, Cyprus (Deligiorgi 1–Cosmos Building) and it is of indefinite duration.

The company participates in F.B.C. Fashion Box Cyprus Ltd, which is activated in the retail business through its store in Limassol, with a 100% stake.



Fashion Box Romania Srl is a 100% subsidiary of Fashion Box Group and was established on February 1st, 2008, having its headquarter in Bucharest. It is responsible for the management of all sale points of Fashion Box Greece Group, in Romania.



Companies defined as affiliates are those in which Fashion Box Greece holds a stake equal or higher than 20% but less than 50%.


F.B.C. (Properties)Ltd.

F.B.C. (Properties) Ltd., ex “G. CHR. FASHION BOX PROPERTIES LIMITED”, was established in November 2000. Its headquarters are in Nicosia, Cyprus (Deligiorgi 1–Cosmos Building) and it is of indefinite duration.

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• Fashion Box Greece was founded for the promotion and distribution of REPLAY products in Greece.

• The first REPLAY store open in Kolonaki and a second store in Glyfada, immediately after.



• FASHION BOX GREECE acquires the rights to promote REPLAY products in three neighboring countries: BULGARIA, FYROM and ALBNIA.

• A new REPLAY store opens in Ermou street, Athens.

• FASHION BOX GREECE acquires the right to distribute REPLAY & SONS products in Greece.



• The Company’s Headquarters are transferred to Nea Ionia.

• The Company acquires the rights for exclussive distribution in Cyprus.

• The first subsidiary F.B.C. FASHION BOX CYPRUS Ltd is established and the first REPLAY store in Cyprus is inaugurated.



• The Company is expanded to BULGARIA, with the opening of a REPLAY store in Sofia soon after.



• A new store opens in Piraeus and a dynamic debut in Shopping Centers also happens in the same year, with the opening of new REPLAY stores in Maroussi (The Mall Athens) and Thessaloniki (Mediterranean Cosmos), as well of 2 shops-in-shop in Athens (ATTICA, The Department Store).



• Within the scope of expanding the company’s presence in BULGARIA, a new REPLAY corner is launched at Burgas and a franchise store in Sofia.

• The 25th Anniversary of REPLAY brand is celebrated with a very successful serires of anniversary celebration events.



• The subsidiary FASHION BOX ROMANIA SRL is established in ROMANIA, as part of the expansion of the Group’s activities in the broader area of Southeastern Europe. Opening of a new REPLAY store, in Nicosia, CYPRUS, as well as of 3 new REPLAY shops-in-shop, the first in the new ATTICA Department Store and the other two in GOLDEN HALL, Maroussi.

• The Company is ranked 8th among the 15 most popular and recognizable brands among youths (18-24 years) in Greece, in an international survey, conducted by Synovate and published in the newspaper “O Kosmos tou Ependiti” (“The World of Investor”), 6/12/2008.



• The Company’s headquarters are transferred to a new building (1.400 m2), at Nea Ionia.

• A new REPLAY store opens in Filothei-Athens, GREECE.



• A new shop-in-shop opens in ATTICA The Department Store, as well as in the Mediterranean Cosmos, Thessaloniki.

• A new REPLAY store opens in Golden Hall, Marousi, GREECE.



• A new REPLAY store opens in the centre of Athens, in the CITY LINK Shopping Center.



• The Group carries out a global conference in Mykonos



• A new REPLAY store opens in Paphos, CYPRUS.

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The main aim and ambition of Fashion Box Greece was and continues to be the strengthening of its value in the market of young adults casual clothing and its healthy business growth within and beyond Greek borders.


As it has been repeatedly demonstrated in practice, the Group has the extensive experience and expertise required, to meet the demands of our times, with maturity and insight. It has the ability to accurately predict new developments and trends, to quickly understand the market changes and to immediately detect potential businesses opportunities arising in the markets where it operates.


Even in today’s tough times, Fashion Box Greece continues to pursue a leading role in the casual young adults clothing market and to develop its business through ongoing expansion of its sales network within and outside Greek borders, remaining committed to the philosophy of the parent Italian Group, as well as to brand name: REPLAY.

Today, Fashion Box Greece is developing its store and sales network in five countries (Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey), activating in the fields of import, export and promotion of clothing, footwear and related accessories, under the brand names: REPLAY, REPLAY & SONS, WE ARE REPLAY & REPLAY FOOTWEAR.


The company is activating in the fields of retail and wholesale trade, ensuring this way a wide distribution of the respective Replay products.



The retail network of Fashion Box Greece in Greece, Cyprus and Romania consists of 16 stores (4 of which are outlets) in the most commercial areas of urban centers. The criterion for the careful selection of each sale point is the optimal combination of the local market’s commercial potential with the store’s location. The application of this golden rule ensures both commercial success and the preservations of the prestige and the image of the company and its products at high standards.



The wholesale trade sector is involved with the promotion of products through selected points of sale with authorized dealers. Associates are selected according to stringent criteria, based on the overall presentation of the sale point, the combination of the rest of the brand names available there, as well as their financial robustness. Today, Fashion Box Greece possesses an extensive network of associates, consisting of approximately 150 authorized dealers, 3 franchise partnerships, 9 shops-in-shop and 10 Replay Corners, serving consumers in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.



Fashion Box Greece is dynamically involved in franchise collaborations in Greece and the Balkans, following a cooperation model which offers to the franchisees extremely competitive advantages:


• Zero entry fees.

• Zero advertising cost and integrated marketing support.

• Zero Royalties – brand rights by the parent company.

• The store’s software is provided by the parent company.

• Affordable investment cost.

• Strong international trademark, highly recognizable all over the world.

• Loyal customers and highly approved brand name.

• Always in the forefront of fashion, with products of unique design and high quality.

• Integrated designing of all stores, with a single identity.

• Support and know-how provided by the parent company.

• Initial and ongoing training of new franchisees by qualified personnel.

• Constant visits and support by the Commercial Department of the parent company.

• Continuous support and training on merchandising.


Expansion to new markets and increasing of the distribution network, through the opening of franchise stores, is the strategic objective of FASHION BOX GREECE, aiming to the further expansion and strengthening of the brand.

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Χρηματοοικονομικές Καταστάσεις της 31ης Δεκεμβρίου 2016




Ατομικές Χρηματοοικονομικές Kαταστάσεις της Fashion Box Ελλάς ΑΕ 31.12.2015_Gr

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