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The origin of the name “REPLAY” is closely linked to the philosophy both of the product and the man who inspired it, back in 1978. During the World Cup in Argentina, Claudio Buziol saw the word “re-play” flashing on the screen for the first time. He immediately decided that this would be the perfect name for a range of garments, referring to classical pieces, re-interpreting the past in a modern way. Thus, denim and smart casual clothes were manufactured, today representing the 85% of the Group’s production. REPLAY holds a leading position in the world of denims and through integrated sartorial proposals,  targeting at consumers who seek quality and who are able to recognize the authenticity of the products, characterized by persistent research on the materials, fabrics production and washes. In every collection, the REPLAY brand signs about 1.000 different pieces, divided into more than 15 categories. Their distribution is mainly done through medium – high and jeans specialist shops, as well as through flagship stores and department stores.

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REPLAY & SONS was established in 1991, based on the idea of extending the legacy of REPLAY to children clothing, 2-12 years. REPLAY & SONS collection, aims to meet the clothing needs of children, using humor and originality, elements constituting the milestone of the brand. The products of the series offer practical comfort and high quality standards, while maintaining the same unique design with the collection for adults. A key feature of REPLAY & SONS is their ability to change every season, offering products, inspired by the brand’s curiosity and constant renewal of trends and details. REPLAY & SONS series is distributed through special mono-brand (exclusive supply) stores, selected Replay stores and department stores.

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We Are Replay

Born in 2003, the groundbreaking series We Are Replay is an exclusive collection of luxury jeans, based on the long experience of the Group. The series, which incorporates all the creative experience and achievements of REPLAY –which also explains its name, which proudly expresses its strong sense of an identity– aims to the creation of imaginative, innovative and special pieces of clothing. With their handcrafted details, excessive colorings and experimentation with fabrics, We Are Replay are addressed to visionary people, who seek originality in a unique, sophisticated piece of clothing and are aware of denim, fact that allows them to appreciate the elegant and well-worked details. The series is distributed through medium – high and jeans specialist branches, through specialized shops and department stores.

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Replay Footwear

The production of REPLAY shoes was launched in 2001 by Sugi International Ltd, one of the largest companies, worldwide, in Hong Kong, which had acquired the exclusive rights. Very soon, the production of footwear has evolved into a highly successful field for the Group, in such an extent, that in 2008 the Orient Box Limited was established, a joint-venture between the Group and Sugi International Ltd. The footwear sector continued its upward course and in 2010 reached a record of 2.6 million pairs worldwide, through a controlled distribution network of the Group and external companies. The headquarters are located in Hong Kong, where the coordination of research, development, marketing, distribution and supply of goods takes place. REPLAY FOOTWEAR is now a leading brand in the field of footwear, being inextricably linked with the world of denim and coming with a huge variety of proposals and designs, from casual to luxury and from city to urban.