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REPLAY Tribute 2Pac – A Limited Edition Capsule Collection


Dedicated to people who became icons through innovation and made this a better world.

Replay Tribute is a limited-edition collections project that takes inspiration from major icons from the past who still influence entire generations. Following a tribute to Nirvana, Replay is now celebrating one of the greatest rappers, lyricists and poets of the modern era: Tupac Shakur.

Tupac sold over 75 million records worldwide and remains one of the most iconic and influential rappers of all times. Over twenty years after his death, he continues to be remembered as a crusader for resistance and activism in the fight against abuse of power and oppression, documenting both the struggles of the streets and the contradictions of success. His canon remains a social manifesto and a point of reference for those still fighting racism and injustice.

The Replay Tribute 2Pac collection combines sport and streetwear influences to create timeless iconic pieces for men and women. The designs feature handwritten poetry and iconic photographs approved by the Estate of Tupac Shakur.

The entire collection is marked by metallic inserts and details, with all accents, labelling and prints in distinctive gold.

The men’s t-shirts, made of soft and comfortable fabrics, are made using cuts and stitching from the active world. They feature regular fit as well as a millennial fit with slightly longer sleeves. A sporty matrix for the women’s t-shirts too, which come in a regular fit, over-cropped, vest, and roll-up sleeves.

The look is completed with regular fit denim jackets in black for him and light denim wash for her; both decorated with a luxurious 4 colours print on light tech fleece in the back.

The whole look is rounded off with streetwear-style caps and sneakers, available in black, white and silver bearing the same customisations as the garments.